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Our Services

Kenrock Realtors and Property in Lagos have a list of SEVERAL off market wholesale properties in the Lekki - Ibeju Lekki axis and related environs in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria .

If you are a cash buyer or a broker with investor clients looking for off market properties or properties to buy, we find the gems hidden in plain sight, and offer them exclusively to our clients.

We SELL properties in need of some LOVE, connect them with those looking to build wealth, and find buyers ready to move into beautifully homes. We are a full service wholesale real estate brokerage located here in Lagos, Nigeria.

We work as a one stop shop for buyers on our buyers list. I work hand in hand with gentlemen/ladies just like yourself.
We work with about 12 hard working RE Consultant outfits who blanket the Greater Lagos area.

My team works around the clock to bring you the best off market opportunities in your city.
Each listing is rigorously analyzed according to our True Value Method.

We sell about 5-8 off-market properties a month.
Its kind of like a REVOLVING DOOR of OFF-MARKET property for you to pick and choose from.

If you are interested in meeting with me and getting on my buyers list, give me a call and let's schedule you an appointment.